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Baraka Crop Science, a agricultural technology company specialized in producing next generation biodynamic Agri-inputs for crop nutrition, crop health and crop protection. The company is dedicated to supply innovative products of highest quality to meet the needs of modern sustainable farming. Widespread promotion of biodynamic Agri-inputs for maximizing productivity lies at the core of Baraka’s business activity. The company is nurtured and driven by a group of spirited scientific fraternity and experienced agriculturists. The faculty has immense exposure to bio-control segment. This committed group takes the ownership realizing the needs of the present agricultural community to give them a giant push across the globe.

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Plant growth promoter


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Feeding the globe and looking after the environment.

Towards Agriculture Revolution

Nature’s way of plant protection & nutrition

This principles of nature are ever enduring. Everything will flourish when it is nature’s way. This is our noble step to promise you bountiful crops. With Baraka Crop Science we restoring to nature to have its sway-keeping pests at bay. We have seen the dangers of unnatural farming inputs. The bigger outputs of artificial means are hallow and toxic in longer run. The natural means of Baraka Crop Science will erase these fault times. With simple applications produced food will be stupendous and safe. Our initiative is ecologically sustainable and gets fame and fortune to our prestigious farmers. All our effort is to help the society to function vibrantly with the feed of Baraka, the “farmers being the agents of change”